Botanical Scented Card - Orchid

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Known for its delicate beauty, Orchids are anything but delicate. These flowers can live nestled on rocks, tree trunks or branches, never touching the ground. Exotic, graceful, and elegant, this Orchid's scent is rich and complex, with notes of freshly cut flowers, vanilla and a touch of fantasy.

The Botanical Scented Collection is an exclusive line of greeting cards released by the stationery brand, Clap Clap. The collection contains specially created fragrance chips that are dipped in fragrance oils, dried to perfection, then sealed and packaged with every card. Send a scent along with your message, and we assure it will be a memorable one.

The scent comes from the fragrance chip, not the card itself.
This is in order to preserved the fragrance for as long as possible. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not swallow.  Fragrance will lessen after opening
Open sealed fragrance chip just before sending for maximum use. 

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